Product Strategy

Market and Competitor Analysis

We believe that a visual identification, and particularly product packaging graphics, cannot be designed in isolation from the reality, therefore, before starting work, we usually look around and analyse in detail what surrounds us. All of this is aimed to provide our clients with the designs that result from a good recognition of the market environment – benchmarking, identification of market leaders and product category, determination of the potential target groups and FMCG market structure and segmentation.

Trend Mapping

The graphic form of packaging never comes from anywhere. Both the launch of new products on the market and restyling or rebranding of the existing ones require embedding in the current product tendencies, consumer megatrends as well as in the design tendencies and trends. We follow them and skilfully choose what best describes the category (what allows to recognise the product as an element of a particular product group) and makes its distinction, thus creating a unique value for the potential customer. 

Planning Brand Architectures

We perceive our client’s range of products as a coherent, though evolving, whole that requires the entire structure of sub-brands to be embraced and the possibilities for portfolio expansion to be noticed. We help to structure brands by designating both the segments, sub-segments and product variants within them with regard to price, opportunity, user and other strategic criteria that increase the efficiency of managing even the most complex product group.