Designing Packaging

Visual Identification

Our extensive Packaging Competence Department specialises in spatial creation. This is where the visual identification of products from the food, cosmetic and many other industries is developed. Our competences include branding (designs of brand logos and product names), rebranding and restyling (packaging refreshment in accordance with the current customer needs and preferences), symbol designs, development of concepts (layouts, front- and backpanels) in terms of graphic and compositional solutions.

Naming and Marketing

Designing means not only development of an image, but also a language that sells the product and provides the necessary information about it. Designing product names is our specialisation – names that are attractive in visual, audio and semiotic terms and, above all, that are safe in legal terms and possible to register as trademarks. We also have the necessary knowledge allowing us to design the marketing sphere in accordance with the Polish and European guidelines on the use of marketing content (including, without limitation, packaging of food products). 

POS Materials

For our packaging designs, we create a comprehensive context in the form of consistent and effective printed materials (articles in advertising newsletters issued by store chains) and point-of-sale materials that support visual communication in supermarkets and other distribution centres.