Preparation for Printing


An extensive system of DTP Departments is responsible for the adaptation of packaging designs to the European markets and for the development of individual lines within the supported brands. At this stage, texts and translations, numerous mandatory elements, markings, pictograms, EAN codes and certificates complying with the applicable standards are also introduced. We prepare packaging designs for appropriate printing techniques.

Proofing and 3D Models

At our work, for creating model printouts for the printing house, we use GMG Color Proof software and a professional Epson printer. We create virtual visualisations of packaging and displays with the use of ESKO Studio package which allow us to better imagine them in a shop space.

Proofreading and Quality Control

Our Proofreading and Quality Control Departments ensure detection of errors and consistency in the use of graphics, die cuts, trademarks, images and correct texts in several languages. The thoroughly verified material reaches the printing house only after approval, and then in hundreds of thousands of copies reaches stores across Europe.